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Web Traffic Analysis

Site Statistics for your CMS Web Site

All of our clients web sites are being tracked by Google Analytics. You must have a Google account to access your statistics and inform us of the email address used to log into the account.

Google Analytics is located at www.google.com/analytics/
Please bookmark this address.

To set up a free google account,

  1. Use a departmental email account to set up your google account. Only one email will ever go to this address. You must confirm the new account by replying to the email which will be sent to the departmental email account > Sign Up Now 
  2. Send account log in email address to cms.help@utoronto.ca (Subject: New stats account).

To access your site statistics, from the analytics home page, click on the Access Analytics button, and log in. Your site will be listed in the dropdown box. Click on your site name and your statistics will be loaded. You can set up an auto delivery of a pdf or other file format version to your email or view the statistics on screen.

Not familiar with site statistics or Google Analytics?

With your Google account, you now also have access to some useful tools at Google Webmaster.