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Page Type Examples

Page Types

Page types are formatting functionality that define how the central content area of each page will look. There are a number of standard page types included the standard ACM installation. Page types provide standard formatting for creating the content for login pages, general content pages, links and attachments, forms and surveys, photo gallery pages, user account application pages, and more.


If there is content that is used repeatedly throughout your web site, you can create a single instance of the content that can then be used over and over throughout your web site. These single instances are referred to as Pagelets. They are like mini-pages, hence the name "pagelets".

Parent Pages

A parent page is any page within your web site that has pages below it in the web site hierarchy (i.e. there are pages on the Child Pages tab). When adding web pages, you need to determine where in the hierarchy the new pages will be. You then edit the parent page and add them on the Child Pages tab.

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