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Create Users Groups and Workflows

The easiest way to create users and groups is to select an existing account and use the save and copy feature.

You need User accounts (Content Provider so they can log in; Groups for each area or the site that has different Providers (name groups after the area 0f the site or page); and Workflows for access to the area and to keep them out of other areas of the site. The order you create them would be users, groups, workflows last.

Create user accounts

From the System menu, select User Manager.

You can select an existing user account and use the save and copy feature.

Check the Active checkbox if you want the user to be active. The default is usually set to Inactive which is useful for if you have external people applying for user accounts on your site and you don't want their accounts automatically activated.

Leave the Locked Out checkbox blank. You only check this if you want to keep someone from accessing your web site.
Enter the First, Middle, Last and Preferred names.

Enter a Login Username. The system does not allow duplicate user names within the same Site Group.

Add the contact Email for this person.

Enter and confirm the user's Password and click Save. The Personal Information and Groups tabs are displayed.

On the Groups tab, uncheck the groups assigned and click Save.

Create Groups

From the System menu, select Group Manager.

In the Group Manager window, click Search to list all. Select the Provider Group (Cities Provider?) click Save and Add to create a new provider group. Change the variables and activate the group.

Add the Group Details for the group.

Active - check this checkbox to make the group active. When unchecked, this group cannot access any part of the system.

Name: enter the group name.
Description: enter a description that explains useful information about the group such as the department(s), access rights information or other pertinent information which will help identify the types of users that should be added to the group. This information is useful for other users to understand the group's purpose.

Select the Group Type(s) for the group.

Permission: select this group type if you are going to restrict group members' access to certain Admin Center functions. When you select this option, additional tabs (Tools, User Domain) for configuring group setting are displayed. Use the settings on these additional tabs to restrict this group's access rights to tools and domains in the system.

Workflow: select Provider in the workflow section - select this option if members of this group will be responsible for creating (providing) content on the site(s).

Personalization: select this option if you are going to provide members of this group with access to restricted areas of your web site(s).

Click Save.
Repeat to create more groups.

Create Workflow

Use this topic to add groups or individuals as providers within a workflow. You can have multiple groups of people creating content that then gets submitted to a small number of approvers and monitors. Thus a workflow can have several provider groups added to it but maybe only one group or individual added as a monitor and an approver. For more information, see Workflows overview.

Be sure you are logged into the Active CM.

From the Admin Center, open the Workflow Manager.

Click Manage Workflows and add a new workflow. Name it the same as the group that it is for.

Go to the Providers tab and under the ROLE column, click on the Provider(s): link.

Select a group on the Groups ta. The groups selected here are the ones who acts as content providers. Be sure to add the Site Manager group to every workflow also.

Then click OK.

Group not there? If you do not see a group on here that you expected to see, it means that you did not set the group type to include "Workflow: Provider". You need to edit the group and check the Provider checkbox. You must also ensure that the Group and Workflow are assigned to the exact same site(s).

Click Save.
Repeat to create another workflow.

Apply Workflow

To apply the workflow to the area of the site, go to Workflow Manager. Find the page or section you wish to apply a workflow to and click the edit link beside the page title. In the pop up, select the workflow that matches the page, say ok and repeat for other workflows.
Check your work by logging out and back in as one of the users. Assure they have access in the correct area and not in others. In edit mode, assure they have the correct tools in the System dropdown, Child Page dropdown and in that the editor is visible and has tools.
Congratulations your mission is complete. Send everyone their log in details and page access address.