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Managing Your Image or Photo Collections

What is the source, where did they come from - did you specify the format of 100dpi and no larger than 4x5 inches?

If not, the first thing to do is right click an image, at the bottom of the menu, select Properties and see what memory size the photos are. They should be well under 1000 Mb, usualy 100-400k. If not, they need corrected for web standards before you put them into the Digital Asset Manager.

View quality is controlled by the monitor. Check your Google Analytics statistics to see what size and resolution monitor the majority of visitors are using. This will most likely be a 17" displaying 1200x800 resolution. Monitor display is controlled by pixels and the most popular monitors at this time are still only 120 dpi or dots per inch. With a 17" display, a 5x10 image is taking up 2/3 of your realestate. If your message is the image, that is fine. A picture can say a thousand words. Most images on a content heavy web site are used to enhance the written word and visually give the eyes a rest. 2x2 for headshots and 4x5 for other pictures will keep your viewer satisfied and not eat up your resources storing and loading bloated files.

Use a bathch converter to make all slide show images the same size and resolution.
The quality is not noticeably degraded for web use. See our resources page for tools.