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I E 9 Links Issue

If you are using the ACM web as an editor or contributor and are experienceing Browser issues, inquire about your upgraded status.cms.help@utoronto.ca .


When browsing an ACM site using Internet Explorer 9, and using the search page, clicking on links for
pages may result in the browser crashing. Some other links are also affected, such as the link created in  the menu for a link page type.
All users browsing the site using Internet Explorer 9 may be affected, and will require an upgrade of Java installed on their computers.
It is a good idea to upgrade the Java version in general as this Java issue also affects other non-ACM sites when using Internet Explorer 9.0.


This issue affects all browsing computers using Internet Explorer 9.0


Download the most recent Java version at http://www.java.com/en/ (require a minimum of version
Java6u24 to resolve this issue). For more information on the issue from Java, refer to
Note: users can also run Internet Explorer in compatibility mode to prevent this issue.


This issue does not appear to affect other versions of Internet Explorer.