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Site Maintenance Guide

Schedule regular site maintenance for your departmental web site. Link checks should be done quarterly or more often depending on your site size and use of live links.

Use the workflow tab in full edit, set the review tool to remind yourself of time sensitive updates on pages.

Use your google Analytics to track site usage. Watch for popular buried pages or never viewed pages in a prominent position that could be better used to serve your viewers.

**Pages, attachments and user accounts can be reused - renamed - relocated  instead of archiving or deleting. Garbage in your database continues to accumulate with delete/archive.

***Be careful about renaming pages that have been active for a considerable time. It is best to retire these pages by replacing the content on them with a notice the page is no longer current. With a link to the new page and a notice for your viewer to update their bookmarks and favorites, everyone is in the loop. Keep the old page around for up to 3 months depending on it's content weight value. A quick look at your Analytics will give you an idea of how busy the page is.

  1. Delete/archive pages, user accounts, groups, workflows and attachments (digital assets) which are not needed,have not been used in some time and cannot be reused.
  2. Once these files are cleaned up, delete any folders which are no longer in use.
    Caution - Deleting a folder will remove all files within it. There is no warning or confirmation, so be careful before deleting folders.
  3. Delete all pages in the Archive manager.
  4. Fix any broken hyperlinks, external and internal links. See Resources for link checking tools.
  5. Move any attachments which are located in the digital asset root folder to subfolders. You may create a new folder for the orphaned files.

Update your custom error 404 page. Also know and Page Not Found. Get creative and make it humorous to take the sting out to your visitor. Keep this page current with links to moved and updated content. Ideas are available by searching keywords 'error 404 page'. Check out smashing magazine blog too.