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Embed Google Calendar

Embed a Google calendar into your web site.

See the help files here http://support.google.com/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=41207

There are features not available with the Active syndicated Calendar which Google Calendar offers. You can restrict who can view your calendar by email address and have custom control of many features if needed.

You must have a google account which is different from a gmail account. Set one up here https://accounts.google.com

Log in with your google account and select the Calendar. Create your calendar and save. Your calendar name will appear on the left column.
Click on the right arrow dropdown beside My Calendars and select Settings. In the Details window, click on the name of the calendar. The snippet is located in the center of the screen. Copy the script.

In full edit on your web site, to enter html mode, click the <> icon located at the bottom left corner of the editor. Check the indent html box if there is any content on the page. Paste your calendar script into the editor, publish.

Note-If you receive an error that the calendar cannot be displayed in a frame, it is an ownership issue. The calendar owner must generate the iframe script.
If the calendar is toot large for the page, reduce the H and W sizes in the script.