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User Guides

These files are in folders using the Digital Asset Gallery pagetype.
The description area of the digital assets is set to show on this page.

The Digital Asset Gallery page is a worksaver for displaying your files. When you update the folders in the DA Manager, the page displaying your files/folders, automatically updates to reflect your changes.


1 Content Provider v9.1
Complete user manual.
1 A Quick Start CMS Basics
Start here for directions on common tasks in the CMS.
This document is used in conjunction with our Basics training session.
1 Digital Asset Library
File management in the CMS using the Digital Asset Manager Tool.
1 HTML Editors used in the CMS
HTML, question editor and more
1 Online Forms
Using the Survey page type to create online forms. Important information for all users.
1 Tiny MCE Editor
Alternate editor overview
1 v7 Slide Show in CMS
Using external software to create a slideshow for use in the CMS.
2 Archive Manager

Managing pages that are archived.

2 Group Manager
Setting up Groups for tool access. Also see User Manager and Workflow.
2 Public Users
Set up and use of Public Users (view only rights) for ACM
2 Site Manager Guide
Complete vendor edition of site management tools.
2 Syndication Manager
Managing Pagelets
2 User Manager
Creating and managing user accounts
2 Workflow Manager
Put it all together with the workflow.