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Coming with v12 upgrade

New Features

Active Site Builder Beta


The beta version of Active Site Builder is an exciting site creation and editing interface that provides an easy-to-use method for creating smaller web sites and also provides a user-friendly view for those responsible for maintaining portions of larger enterprise installations. With the beta version of Site Builder, you can enjoy simple editing capacity for general content (basic pages) and the calendar page. Future versions will continue to harness the power of the Active Content Manager within this new simplified interface, providing all levels of users with the ability to quickly and easily update content.

Photo Galleries and Slide Shows

Using drag-and-drop functionality, you can create and manage a photo gallery on your site. You can add and remove pictures and other types of images to keep your gallery current and to showcase events, activities and people. You can display the photos in a slide show and even insert a slide show on multiple pages throughout your site.

Calendar Widget

You can create a calendar of events and activities for your site and then you can insert a smaller version of your calendar as a widget on multiple pages throughout your site! This will keep your community members informed of important upcoming events by making this information readily available as users navigate through your site.

Images and Links

The page content editor toolbar includes the following features:

Insert Image: This button allows you to select an image from the files you have already uploaded to your site, or an image located elsewhere on the internet. You can use pictures or other types of image files. Once you have inserted an image, you can change its size and shape, as well as how it displays on your page in relation to the text and other content.



Insert Link: This button allows you to create text that the user can click on to go to another site, to another page on your site, to open a file (e.g., a registration package or emergency contact form), or to send an email. You can also create an Image Map, which allows you to determine what happens when a user clicks on a logo or other image on your site; you can choose for the action to open a new site, a new page, or a file.




Multiple Browser Support

The current version of the Active Site Builder Beta has been fully tested for use with the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox versions 5 through 10  

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9
Apple Safari version 5 for both Mac and PC



Mobile Devices


You can view and edit your site, and upload pictures from anywhere at any time. Active Site Builder Beta is easy to manage from a variety of mobile devices.

Active Content Manager

Oracle 11.2 Support

The Active Content Manager system has been upgraded to support Oracle 11.2.

Mobile Device Management Enhancements

It is now much simpler to manage and assign mobile devices and the content they display. In place of a large and difficult to maintain WURFL file, ACM now uses a simple configuration file to load mobile device


type (Apple, HTC, Blackberry, etc.) information instead of configurations specific to each and every device model. The areas affected are Mobile Device Manager, which now has a reduced number of required fields, and Design tab, where templates are assigned for use with mobile devices.



RadAjax Editor Upgrade

This latest version of the editor provides enhanced features, including:

additional default font types



no unnecessary styling tags added when the text size is changed  
new Select all link for centering text across multiple cells in a table borders around cells can now be created properly in Style builder when text is copied and pasted from Word, format stripping is more thorough




TinyMCE Editor Upgrade

If you are using the TinyMCE editor with ACM, note that ACM now uses an upgraded version (TinyMCE version 3.4 ). You must re-register your TinyMCE editor with the upgrade to V 3.4. The changes in V 3.4 primarily address fixes to deficiencies in previous versions.