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CMS Features

The Content Manager System (CMS) allows users to manage and facilitate the collaborative creation of documents and content for web sites without any special knowledge of HTML or other specialized web skills. Using CMS software, departments can easily:

How does it work?

Active's Content Manager supports a distributed content administration model that allows managers, department leads and others to administer their own content and/or content sites. Custom templates for web pages can be setup along with built-in workflow approval processes for content created. The templates allow users to create and publish new content based on pre-existing layouts, and make it easy to cascade similar changes across pages and sites. Various templates are available to handle more complex pages such as calendars, link pages, surveys, etc.

Page Types/Components

Page types define how the central content area of each page will look. There are a number of standard page types included the standard CMS installation. Page types provide standard formatting for creating the content for login pages, general content pages, links and attachments, forms and surveys, photo gallery pages, user account application pages, and more.


In the CMS, workflows are used to ensure that your web pages go through a number of predefined controlled steps to ensure they will be edited, reviewed and approved before being published on your web site. Workflows are generally maintained and assigned to pages by a small group of authorized users within your organization.


CMS web sites are hosted and maintained by U of T's Computer and Network Services (CNS) group. The CMS server machines are located behind a firewall. Servers are mirrored so that services are maintained should one of the servers fail.

W3C Compliancy & Accessibility Requirements

The W3C complience button on the toolbar of the CMS HTML editor allows content providers to check their page content to ensure it complies with the World Wide Web Consortium's web accessibility guidelines.

Browser Compatability

The Active CMS supports browsing using most popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Site Statistics

We incorporate Google Analytics into our CMS sites so Site Managers have access to loads of great activity statistics.